Personal Information

                                     Height: 5'10"                                             Eye Color: Blue

                                    Clothing Size: 10/12                                Hair Color: Gray



Jurassic Thunder/Samantha/Milko Davis

Trauma/Dr. Cutter/Twelve Monkeys Dancing Films

My Amish World/Woman/Sam Wickey

Mysogny/Mother/Bob Berg

The Burden/Gail/Twelve Monkeys Dancing Films

Different Kinds/Sal (Video Clip 1) (Video Clip 2) /Twelve Monkeys Dancing Films

Camille’s Magic/Janice (Video Clip 1)(Video Clip 2)/Rogue Amazon Entertainment

WonderBred/Kristy McMahon/DockRat Entertainment

Sheena/Sheena and Toris/feet first productions

15 Minutes/Nancy (Video Clip)/feet first productions

Slowburn/Music Video/Extra/Canadian Music Channel

Na'Fen Liom/Gabrielle/Farfigberger/Comatose Picturez

In the Darkness Amanda/Farfigberger/Comatose Picturez


Loosen Up Comedy Series/Various (Last 10 episodes)/NAPOLEONLIVE   Entertainment

Education Fair/Host/Pikes Peak Community College 

Travel Learn/Host/Pikes Peak Community College

Inside Out Charity Auction/Emcee/Inside Out Youth Group


KEPC Radio/Commericial Ads/Pikes Peak Community College

XL-245 Television/Commericial Ads/Pikes Peak Community College

Marketing Videos/Business - Various/Beyond Campus Innovations

Social Emotional Learning/Instructional – 26 videos/Mindspark

eLearning Trends Video/Business/Beyond Campus Innovations

Student Orientation Series/Instructional/Orientation– 15 videos/CSU-Global


CIT Actor-Simulator/Various/J.C. Santelli Training and Consulting

Standardized Patient Educator/Various/CAPE, CU Denver Health

Project Management/Various/The Hampton Group


TOP GUNN Real Estate Services/Realtor/KOAA –TV

Faith Partners/Jill Matthews/Colorado Springs Video

The Personal Traveler Luggage/Traveler/Premiere Entertainment

The Sports Stop/Customer/Premiere Entertainment


The Path: A Journey of the Soul/Angelique and Marilyn Montgomery/The Feel Good Place, Inc

The Power of One/Soren Bennick

Party of One/Various/Encore! Dinner Theater

The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told/Mabel/UpStart Theater

24 Hours and Something Original/Shelly Holbert/Masquer’s Theater/Benn Farrell

Special Skills

Fitness instruction, singing, rock climbing, gymnastics, dance, computers and foreign language pronunciation, Impersonations: Xena Warrior Princess and Wonder Woman.