Condensed Biography


Gina Di Tullio began professionally as a performing artist, in 1984, participating in dance, acting, commercial acting and modeling. She has since performed in, directed, written and produced numerous productions for stage, television, and film in the midwest, rocky mountain region and western United States, as well as, Canada. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education, with an emphasis in Neuroscience and Cognitive Studies, an Associate of Science degree in Computer Science and studied television and film acting in Vancouver, British Columbia, at The Vancouver Film School. She is the creative director of The Feel Good Place, a creative wellness center, where she teaches communication and synergistic development through the arts of acting, writing, and movement.   

As her work and life experience is quite varied, it is important for Gina to work in an environment that stimulates her own enrichment as well as the enrichment of others.  As a teacher and a believer that lifelong learning is an essential element for personal and spiritual growth, Gina is happiest when her work is combined with education and the strengthening and evolution of community. 

Detailed Biography

Gina Di Tullio has been officially involved with the performing arts since 1984 where she started with commercial acting and runway modeling. 

In 1994, having met Benn Farrell, the owner of Comatose Picturez, Gina co-produced and starred in her first full feature productions as Amanda in In the Darkness, Gabriela in Na Fen Liôm and a screen adaptation of Lady Bright.  

In 1997, she had the opportunity to study in Vancouver B.C. and worked with Canadian music channel in a music video for Slowburn and feetfirst productions in independent shorts, Sheena and 15 Minutes.

Upon her to Colorado, Gina, created LastMinute Productions, along with Michael J. Todd (also with Silver Dog Productions), and wrote, directed and produced her debut, Admissions Quest,  which later (2013) appeared in the Colorado Independent Women of Film Festival.  

In 1998, Gina continued to work with Benn Farrell, who started DockRat Entertainment and starred as Shelly Holbert in his original theater debut of 24 Hours and Something Original, then back to screen as Kristy McMahon in WonderBred. She worked in conjunction with DockRat Entertainment, Vivtone Productions, and Napoleon Live Entertainment in the sketch comedy series Loosen Up! Soon after, in 2004, Gina was approached by Pam Jones and Juliet Draper of Rogue Amazon Entertainment, to play the role of Janice in Pam’s directorial debut of her original work Camille’s Magic

She has worked in stage productions with Michael Stansbury and the Masquers over the years as well as worked in the Gay and Lesbian Theater Festival with Tony Babin’s, UpStart Theater Ensemble, where she played Mabel in The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told, and Anactoria in Sappho in Love. Gina played in Two by Two as pagan worshipper Goldie, for StarBar Players, and was in the fabulous running dinner theater production of Party of One, directed by Brian Thompson and produced by Encore!

In 2010, Gina toured Colorado, the Midwest, and California with Soren Bennick Productions presenting, The Power of One, an anti-bullying educational series.

In recent years, Gina has had the pleasure of working with Sam Wickey, in My Amish World, Robert Berg in his production of Misogyny, and Eileen Agosta, TMDFilms, as Different Kind‘s resident “Bad Guy”, Sal, her first “Mom” role, Gail, in The Burden and returned as Dr. Cutter, in TMDFilms newest production, Trauma

Gina’s most recent feature appearance will be in Jurassic Thunder, a Milko Davis feature, slated for release in 2019.


Heart Projects

The Path: A Journey of the Soul

In 2013 Gina produced and directed The Path: A Journey of the Soul (The Path), which contained a variety of original or inspired performance pieces emphasizing lifelong creative evolution. This production was sponsored by and in promotion of her creative wellness center, The Feel Good Place, whose mission is to help individuals reconnect with self and their creative passions. The Path featured students of the wellness center along with members of the artistic community.  The Path: A Journey of the Soul will be resurrected in 2019 with new faces, new acts and the continued message of compassion, community and connection. 

The Feel Good Place

Gina is the Creative Director of The Feel Good Place (TFGP).  This creative wellness center is a place of sanctuary that helps individuals reawaken their creativity and learn creative expression through acting, movement, writing, fitness and art. The mission of The Feel Good Place is to enhance people's lives and well-being, by helping to promote self development, confidence and re-connection with self.

At TFGP, Gina teaches communication, and, personal and synergistic development through the arts of acting, writing, and movement. 

Improvisational Learning

A believer in lifelong learning as an essential element for personal and spiritual growth, Gina, is happiest when her work is combined with education and the strengthening and evolution of community.  She has worked for over a decade in industrial training through, improvisational and scripted simulations and portrayals used to benefit the improvement of emotional intelligence and communication in business and management, medical professions, and crisis intervention and de-escalation in security and public safety.  

Gina's Kitchen Delights

Discovering the struggles associated with her own food allergies and finding palatable alternatives to her favorite baked goods and chocolates, Gina opened Gina's Kitchen Delights a gluten, dairy and peanut free cottage bakery.

Beautiful Disaster

The journey toward this first musical love child began in May of 2017, when Gina met with Tommy-C of Wild Child Records with a few original songs and lot's of ideas. They decided to collaborate on a CD.  Neither participant had any idea what the end product would look like --only that it was to contain 10 songs.  What ensued was a  mélange  of growth, spiritual evolution, healing and strength as Beautiful Disaster began to materialize and was finally released early fall 2018.

Pure Sound

Gina, along with Michael Martin, Timothy Fisher and Rich Path is a member of Pure Sound a musical performance ensemble. The group performs a mixture of original music and cover tunes and performs in various venues in the Denver Metro area.